Believing in the power of ideas and the passion of people,
Segnalita invests in the creation of long term entrepreneurial values.

We are convinced that every idea has the potential to change the world and to sustainably create long term values for the people, the society and the environment. Segnalita actively contributes to this vision by developing pioneering companies and high-quality brands with a commitment for purpose and impact.

Our beliefs build on the legacy of entrepreneur Gernot Langes-Swarovski, who significantly pushed the transformation of Swarovski from a simple industrial supplier into an international luxury brand, but also got involved with ideas, which reflected his values for economic and ecologic sustainability. His pioneering spirit serves as inspiration today for everything we work on.

Segnalita invests in passionate entrepreneurs with courage and creativity. Together we create scalable business models and long term partnerships, reflecting an understanding of sustainable development and binding values.


Segnalita is aware of its responsibility towards the society, the environment and founders. We appreciate ideas for what they actually are, the base for sustainable value creation. Their development forms the foundation for future successes.

For this reason we elaborated three main criteria forming a joint path towards development and growth. Together they define Segnalita‘s investment focus and clearly reflect the high demands we put on ourselves and on the people we work together with.


Only collaboration from the earliest stage allows us to develop ideas and prosperous businesses together.


We follow an approach of partnering based on mutual understanding and a joint commitment.


Our focus is the creation of sustainable values and long-term partnerships beyond financial quick wins.



The road from a startup to a well established company is a long one and requires support that goes beyond financial commitment from investors. We are convinced that only the interplay of different supporting elements provides substantial and instrumental added value for companies especially in their early stages.

This is why Segnalita not only offers the necessary financial support but a package of essential elements, based on broad-base know how and within a strong network of strategic contributors, for the development of ideas and lasting values.







With many years of experience in building up and managing successful businesses and an awareness of their economic and social responsibility, Segnalita meets its future partners with great respect and as equals.

Founder and Shareholder

Representing the family-owned Swarovski Group as Chairman of the Board of Directors, the great-great-grandson of the company founder Daniel Swarovski is building on the legacy of his father and longstanding Group CEO Gernot Langes-Swarovski and creating a platform for entrepreneurial responsibility and pioneering spirit.

Bernhard LETZNER
Managing Director

Having worked for companies in different fields and positions, including several senior roles in the Gernot-Langes-Swarovski Group, he gained broad-base expertise and now, being responsible for Segnalita‘s operational activities, contributes many years of experience in the creation and development of businesses.


Lindenstraße 1
6112 Wattens, Austria


Based on the entrepreneurial legacy of Gernot Langes-Swarovski and the vision of sustainably creating long-term values, Segnalita supports companies in their early stage with financial capital paired with broad-base expertise and a strong network of strategic partners.

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